Caister-on-Sea hotels

Caister-on-Sea hotels

Caister-on-Sea NorfolkThe Caister-on-Sea hotels listed below are either in the town or we have given a rough guide as to how far they are from Caister-on-Sea. We hope you enjoy your stay and find your ideal accommodation.

Caister-on-Sea beach Caister-on-Sea is 3 miles north of Great Yarmouth, 3 miles south of Hemsby and 16 miles east of Norwich. It has long stretches of sandy beach to enjoy, a lifeboat station (photo) and the remains of a Roman fort. The interesting Roman fort at Caister-on-Sea is small and only partially excavated. It gives plenty of clues about life in Roman times. Also of interest is Caister Castle which also houses a motor museum. Just outside the town is the Yamouth stadium providing greyhound racing and stock car racing. Caister-on-Sea has its own helicopter airfield, mainly used to supply the offshore rigs. Also see Caister-on-Sea & Caister-on-Sea attractions

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Caister-on-Sea - Local Information. National Co-operative Chemists Caister-on-Sea, Tel: 01493720469. - Caister-On-Sea Post Office 01493 720226 - Please use links below for attractions in this area

Telephoning Caister-on-Sea from abroad - To dial a number in Caister-on-Sea from outside the UK: dial the International Access Code of the country you are calling from - follow that by the Country Code for the country you are calling to (44 for the UK) - dial the local area code omitting the initial ‘0’ e.g. for London 020 becomes 20 - dial the phone number of the person you want to call in Caister-on-Sea

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