Chalford hotels

Chalford hotels

ChalfordThe Chalford hotels listed below are either in the town or we have given a rough guide as to how far they are from Chalford. We hope you enjoy your stay and find your ideal accommodation.

The Gloucestershire Parish of Chalford covers two square miles of some of the most beautiful countryside in the whole range of the Cotswolds. It lies four miles south-east of Stroud on the north side of the River Frome, eight miles west of Cirencester. Around Chalford village many of the cottages still display the part they played in the wool industry, with doors in the upper floors and steps up to them with hoist beams projecting above them. Also see Chalford & Chalford attractions. If you are in the right town but cannot find the accommodation you want on this page, you might consider bed and breakfast in Chalford

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