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Discover Germany and enjoy everything from the exciting hustle and bustle of the large cities to the cultural wonders. Germany lies in the heart of Europe, in the centre of the European home market and is known also as the fair capital. Around two-thirds of the all top international fairs take place in Germany. With these results, Germany ranks No.1 worldwide for its trade shows.

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Area Main Town(s)
accommodation in xxx xxx and more Schleswig-Holstein - A Kiel & Luebeck
accommodation in xxx xxx and more Mecklenberg-Vorpommern - B Rostock & Wismar
accommodation in xxx xxx and more Niedersachsen - C Hamburg & Hanover
accommodation in xxx xxx and more Brandenburg - D Berlin & Potsdam
accommodation in xxx xxx and more Sachsen-Anhalt - E Magdeburg
accommodation in Bonn Dusseldorf and more Nordrhein-Westfalen - F Dusseldorf & Cologne
accommodation in Limburg Speyer and more Rheinland-Pfalz - G Koblenz & Limburg
accommodation in Frankfurt Kassel and more Hessen - H Frankfurt & Wiesbaden
accommodation in xxx xxx and more Thüringen - I Eisenach & Erfurt
accommodation in xxx xxx and more Sachsen - J Dresden & Leipzig
accommodation in xxx xxx and more Bayern - K Munich & Nuremberg
accommodation in xxx xxx and more Saarland - L Saarbruecken
accommodation in xxx xxx and more Baden-Württemberg - M Stuttgart & Freiburg
accommodation in Bremen Bremen Bremen
accommodation in Berlin Berlin Berlin
accommodation in hamburg Hamburg Hamburg


But Germany also offers diverse opportunities to go on short trips, city tours and family vacations. Germany is active - from the latest sports trend to all kinds of summer and winter sports, they are all here for the taking.
Germany has tradition - come and experience the past at its castles and palaces. Germany is tasteful - 300 Michelin stars twinkle in its gourmet skies and top-class international cuisine as well as regional specialities are a feature of Germany's traditional fare.

Germany is fit - traditional spa and health resorts promise an ideal climate, and modern wellness complexes will put fresh verve into your activities. So turn your trip into something special and visit Germany

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Germany is also host for many events such as the Football Cup in 2006 and the annual Oktoberfest in Munich. Moreover many UNESCO World heritage sites such as the Museum Island in Berlin, numerous castles amongst them Schloss Neuschwanstein and famous regions for example the Black Forest underline the cultural and natural richness of this country and attract people from all over the world.

Germany is not only one of the biggest economies in Europe but also a big magnet for tourism. Germany counts as one of the top target destinations for UK travelers, in particular for business people. Approximately 20% of all UK travelers to Germany travel for business purposes.

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